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Be careful what you download

Only download software from a trusted source. The allure of free software can be quite...... continue

Be careful what emails you open
Don't open attachments or click links in emails from strangers...... continue 

Preventing Spyware
Spyware is actually more dangerous than a virus. It can steal personal data and track your..... continue


Preventing Spyware

Spyware is actually more dangerous than a virus. It can steal personal data and track your internet habits. It can infect your computer and start interrupting your computer processes, so instead of being in the middle of playing a game some random pop up will constantly interrupt your daily computer usage. It might be concealed in a free screensaver or other software that you download. Computer safety expert Leif Wheeler advises us to be aware of any offer of free software. Many times, spyware is hidden in legitimate software.

Be cautious of deals offered by well-known companies. Crooks and thieves often create web sites that resemble Adobe, Google or Microsoft, says Wheeler. They instruct you to download upgrades which secretly contain spyware. Common sense should tell you to download things like screensavers or wallpaper only from a company’s registered web site. Have a safety talk with anyone who uses your computer and run an anti-spyware application.

There is a type of spyware that the New York Times has labeled as “Stealware” and what spyware researcher Ben Edelman refers to as “Click Fraud”, also known as “Affiliate Fraud”. The most notable vendors of this kind of spyware are 180 Solutions and WhenU. This spyware redirects the payment of the rightful affiliate’s commission to the account of the spyware vendor.

An instance of spyware rarely “exists” alone. An afflicted computer can rapidly become corrupted with a lot of spyware devices. Frequently, users will notice erratic behavior and a decline of the system’s operation. Spyware contamination can cause considerable inappropriate CPU activity, network traffic, disk usage and the slowing-down of the legitimate uses of these resources. Stability issues, system crashes and application crashes are also very common. Spyware which disrupts the networking software normally causes problems connecting to the Internet. Click here to check for spyware on your PC now


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