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Auto Car Wraps Homepage  |  Signup Form
This service is available only in the UK. A driver maintaining his normal driving routes receives up to 200/month: 200/month with a full wrap; 150 with a half wrap. S/he agrees to a three-year contract. Driver's vehicle must be 1-5 years old. Terms include: monthly inspection (for mileage, physical condition), 600 miles/month minimum. Drivers are sought in metropolitan areas of the UK. 


Get Paid To Drive | Signup Form

Applicants enter their profiles into the “Drivertis Matching System,” which links advertisers with relevant prospective drivers. Drivers earn up to $500/month. No registration fee applies. Distance requirements, regular inspections, and GPS installation all apply. A contract is required


VistaMotion (United Kingdom only) | Signup Form
Omni covering: Drivers earn 160-250/month with this full-vehicle wrap that includes coverage of the rear and rear-side windows (which, on the windows, is translucent from the inside). Mega covering: 60-150 for a half-vehicle wrap that excludes window coverage. Scenic covering: 40 for rear window coverage only. Or, in the “Smart Motion Program,” for a cost of 60/month to the driver, VistaMotion provides a DaimlerChrysler Smart car. A 550 miles/month requirement applies; 400 miles/month for Smart Motion Program members.


Car Wraps (Canada only) | Signup Form
Drivers earn from $100-$350/month during each three-month to two-year campaign. A “Full Wrap” covers all but the vehicle’s windshield and front-side windows; a “Partial Wrap” typically covers the two side panels plus the rear and rear-side windows; a “Window Wrap” typically covers only the rear and rear-side windows. All vehicles are eligible, including commercial fleets.


Ads To Go (Canada only) | Signup Form
Drivers earn up to $400/month. Payments occur upon monthly inspections of the vehicle and advertisement's condition. Registration is free! Distance/month requirements vary. Required participation in promotional activities (relevant to the product or service advertised on the vehicle) may apply; such a requirement would be explained before a driver enters a contract.


Ads 2 Go | Signup Form

Drivers earn around $50/month once rectangular magnetic sheets are applied to his/her vehicle. The largest coverage consists of two 12”x24” sheets, two 12”x12” sheets, and two 6”x12” sheets. Quick and easy application and removal!


Auto Murals
Drivers earn up to $400/month. Requirements include: GPS installation, regular car washing, monthly odometer inspections, minimum driving of 1600 kilometers/month. Options include a full-wrap “Full Automural Program,” 50%-wrap “Half Automural Program,” and rear and rear-side window-wrap “Window Murals Program;” the “Special Events Program” requires a driver to appear at conventions, sporting events, et cetera.


Driving Promotions | Signup Form
Drivers earn $300/month with a fully wrapped vehicle. Lesser-coverage wraps are available for different remuneration rates. Requirements include: 21 year-old driver age, monthly vehicle inspections, GPS installation, 1000 miles/month of driving. Advertisement promotions last from three months to over one year.



On The Move Media | Signup Form
Drivers earn up to $400/month. “Great Wraps” (full vehicle coverage”), $250-$400; “Grand Wraps” (50% coverage), $200; “Mezzo Wrap” (rear and rear-side windows coverage), $100. Monthly inspections gauge mileage, installed GPS functioning, condition of vehicle and wrap, et cetera. Advertisement promotions last from one month to one year.


Drive A Car 4 Free | Signup Form
Drivers earn up to $400/month: “Complete Wrap” drivers earn $300-$400/month; “Half Wrap” $200/month; “Window Wraps” $100/month. Monthly inspections gauge mileage, installed GPS functioning, condition of vehicle and wrap, et cetera. The mileage requirement is typically 1000 miles/month.


Let's Wrap Signup Form

Get paid up to $450 per month to drive your car with ads on it. You can also be selected to drive one their cars. They also could offer you free event tickets!


Mobile Ad Group Signup Form

If you are a fleet owner/operator and qualify, Mobile Ad Group will pay you to use your vehicles for advertising. After an overall assessment is done to your vehicles, they will install either a framing system or an adhesive vinyl onto the vehicles at no disruption to your operations.



Ad Smart Homepage  |  Signup Form
 Drivers freely receive use of a VW Beetle or Nissan Xterra, or are payed $350 for advertisement with his/her own car. Enrollment in AdSmart AutoAds insurance is required. A 6-24 month contract include: minimum 1100 miles/month usage, 2 car washes/month, monthly inspections, GPS installation.

AdvercarZing Homepage  |   Signup Form
Drivers are reimbursed monthly for driving their own ad-wrapped cars accordingly: $200 for less than 800 miles/month, $300 for 800-1499 miles/month, and $400 for more than 1500 miles/month. Requirements include: monthly mileage inspection, regular car washing, GPS installation. 


Autowrapped Homepage  |  Signup Form
 Programs include the Full Wrap ($200-$400/month) and Partial Wrap: ($100-200/month). Requirements include: approximately 800-1200 miles/month, parking and washing terms, monthly inspections, and installation of a GPS (Global Positioning System). 


Ad Wraps Homepage  |  Signup Form
Maintain certain mileage requirements and earn up to $400/month: $300-$400 with a full wrap, $200 with a half wrap, and $100 with a window wrap (coverage of the rear and rear-side windows). Monthly inspections required. Participants remain active in the database for 5 years, though they may cancel after the first 12 months. 


I Drive Ads | Signup Form
Registrants become part of a national database of paid driving applicants; this large database increasing each registrant’s chances of selection by an advertising firm. No registration fee applies. Once chosen, and driving wrapped cars (either their previously owned or leased vehicles driven for pay, or a provided vehicle at no cost), drivers’ cars may be subject to randomly scheduled inspections. Besides consumer vehicles and even RV’s, boats, and trailers, commercial fleets (e.g., taxis, vans) may also benefit from this service.

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