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File extension OFM (.OFM) information

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PC Problems caused by OFM files?

If your PC have problems due to .OFM it is possible your PCs registry is infected. To check for registry problems run a free registry scan now.

The .OFM file extension identifies OmniForm Form files. OmniForm is an application from Nuance that creates forms from scratch as well as also converting MS Word and Adobe PDF files into fill-able forms. In this context .OFM files are proprietary to Nuance and you will need to install OmniForm to access them.. If this file OFM is located in the wrong location it is possible to cause many PC problems and crashes. We highly recommend you Run a system scan to check for possible causes.


Solutions for users of file extension OFM:

Do you ever get a file and have no idea how to open it? Windows can't open files with OFM file extension? You check the file extension, but that short suffix at the end doesn't mean anything to you! What is a OFM file anyway? Trying to figure out how to open these mysterious files is a confusing task that can make you want to pull your hair out; Click Here to Open any type of file in just 2 minutes

   File Information
Reported problems: N/A
Extension Section: Misc
Repair and Speed up PC: File extension OFM scan

   Statistical information for OFM
Total number of incidents for OFM 5811
Difficulty level 1-10 to solve for OFM: 4
Percentage of PCs being infected: 20
Solution: Run a Free scan to check for OFM errors.

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pertain to OFM

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